It’s Time to Put an End to Mass Shootings

Mass school shootings are happening so frequently, students now presume their turn is coming. The rest of the nation feels no less safe. VTV is committed to bringing people together to create meaningful and measurable change.

Campaign 32

Campaign 32 is working to get every state to submit the name of every prohibited person to the background check system and ensure every person seeking to legally buy a gun goes through the system.

Fulfilling Our Mission

Tree Grove

49 trees were recently planted at the Virginia Tech Alexandria campus to honor the victims of the Virginia Tech shooting.

Support VTV Family Foundation’s Campaigns

Please join us for a reception to support VTV’s campaign 32 which is working to strengthen our nations background check system for gun purchases, to support VTV’s memorial Tree Grove at Alexandria’s Chinquapin Park, and to support VTV Care which is being developed to assist those suffering from long-term harm from mass shootings.

You Can Make A Difference With Just One Click

This mission would not be possible without the support of our donors. With each donation received, we get one step closer to getting our message to congress and making a change that will impact countless lives.


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